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We use a rapid home renewal cleaning checklist while detailing.
These have always kept our staff focused on what needs to be done.

Additionally, we give YOU the power to take pictures of what is bothering you most about your space.  Let us make your “do list” your “done list.”

    • Cleaning Services

      Complete residential and commercial cleaning services by professional cleaners.

    • Commercial Renewal Services

      Only the most skilled professionals for all your commercial needs.

    • Move-In & Move-Out Services

      We will leave the place you’re leaving look even better than it did when you moved in.

    • Handyman Services

      Get quality services for all your residential and commercial needs.

    • Post Renovation Services

      Get rid of the dust left behind after construction or renovation.

    • Window Cleaning Services

      Put a sparkle in your windows! The highest quality window cleaning services.

    • Residential Calculator

    • Commercial Calculator


Rapid Home Renewal.

Founded in 2018, Deja New invented the “rapid home renewal” service, designed to help make your home or business looking “Deja New” in rapid time.  Founded by mom’s and homeowners, we have perfected the “get it done” method for rapidly making your home look new.  We provide six weeks of cleaning, painting, plumbing, electrical, and handyman services in six hours!

Contact us today to have your home looking Deja New in no time.