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Our mission is to offer “rapid home detailing” services to families and professionals by delivering high quality and consistent service every time.

Who we are

Is your home missing that “new home” sparkle?  Are the to do lists of “touch up” items piling up on you to where you don’t even notice the scuffs on your wall, the broken door knob, or the dirty carpet or tile floor?

Founded in 2019 Deja New invented the “rapid home detailing” service, designed to help make your home or business looking “Deja New” in rapid time.

We will help your home or business get back that “just like new” sparkle.  By giving you the freedom to identify your most stressing touch up items.  Deja New lets you return to your office or home and breath in a sigh of relief.  You’ll be surprised how good it feels to have your home made over, like new, and to not have the weight of a “worn down” space wearing on you.  Let us help you make your home like new.  Click here to contract us.